Ticket scheme to help families in need enjoy pantomime magic

Monday, 19 December 2022

TinMan Tickets pamphlet with Gaiety Theater, Children's Centre, IOM Arts Council and Shone Productions logosThe ‘Tin Man’s Tickets’ initiative will give 275 tickets for this year’s Christmas pantomime to Island families and children in need.

‘Tin Man’s Tickets’ aim to enable families and children who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or experienced financial or personal difficulties to enjoy the festive pantomime experience.

Families and Children who receive tickets will be able to watch The Wizard of Oz, by Shone Productions, at the Gaiety Theatre this December.

The initiative has been developed between VillaGaiety and the Isle of Man Arts Development Team who partnered with a local charity, the Children’s Centre, to pilot the scheme.  

The Children’s Centre will distribute the 275 ‘Tin Man’s Tickets’ to children and families they have identified as most in need.

All tickets are free to the eligible families, with the cost covered by Isle of Man Arts Council.

A variety of ticketing options and dates will be offered to suit different family structures, including family group tickets as well as single adult or child tickets. The Children’s Centre staff will also be providing some families with support and assistance to attend.

The Children's Centre were chosen as pilot partner in this scheme because of their work with a wide variety of children in the community with Adverse Childhood Experiences. It is hoped that additional partners will be identified for future years as the initiative expands.

This subsidy scheme has been funded by the Isle of Man Arts Council, and is the first step in providing a broader subsidised ticket scheme as outlined in the National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts. As part of this broader scheme the VillaGaiety will be working to identify physical, social and financial barriers to attendance, and what can be done to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend and enjoy the arts.

Mrs Marlene Maska MLC, Chair of the Isle of Man Arts Council said:

‘I am delighted that this partnership is providing access to shows for children or families who may otherwise miss out due to personal or financial circumstances. Ticket subsidy is an ambition within the National Development Strategy for Culture and Arts to broaden access and inclusivity in the arts within our community, and it is intended that this first partnership for Christmas 2022 will be the first step to regularly subsidise tickets at our wonderful venues.’

Joff Whitten, Head of the Children’s Centre, said:

‘We are so excited for our families to be given this opportunity. Christmas can hopefully be a time for joy and celebration and sharing, these tickets will give the families we work with a little boost at a time when sadly so many are struggling. We can’t thank the VillaGaiety and IOM Arts Development teams enough for affording us the opportunity to trial this initiative. I know it will be really appreciated by those who attend.’

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