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Check if you qualify for help with rising living costs

Friday, 6 May 2022

People struggling to cope with the rising cost of living are encouraged to check whether they are eligible for a Variable Rate Energy Support Payment

The payment is aimed at those who are not in receipt of income-related benefit — and therefore did not automatically receive an Energy Support Payment — but are on a low income and hold responsibility for housing costs. 

The Variable Rate Energy Support Payment was introduced to avoid the ‘cliff edge’ associated with targeting support solely at those on income related benefits. Tapered support is provided through a reduced value payment to people whose incomes are marginally above the levels at which income-related benefits apply. 

The payment can be worth up to £225, although how much a person receives depends on their circumstances: how much money they have coming in to their household; their savings; and whether they share their housing costs with anyone else who isn’t their spouse or partner. 

Entitlement is assessed based on a person’s circumstances and income during the week commencing Monday 11 April 2022. 

Claims must be made before 11 July 2022 and forms can be obtained by emailing or calling +44 1624 685053. 

Further information is available on the Energy Support Payments page

CircumstancesA Variable Rate Energy Support Payment may be payable if your weekly income is less than the amounts below
Single Pensioner £412.40
Couple Pensioner £522.55
Single person under pensionable age, no children £341.35
Couple under pensionable age, no children £400.40
Single parent with one child £433.40
Single parent with two children £497.65
Couple under pensionable age with one child £497.80
Couple under pensionable age with two children £556.70

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