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Spending equates to £13,740 per person

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Total Government gross spending projected for 2021-22 equates to around £13,740 per head for every man, woman and child of the Island’s population[1].

This per person figure includes:

  • £4,015 for social security payments such as the state pension, income support and child benefit
  • £3,229 for health and social care services, of which £1,407 relates to Noble’s Hospital, £869 for primary care, £529 for social care services, £199 for providing free or subsidised prescriptions or drugs and £231 for treating Manx patients in the United Kingdom
  • £1,420 for education, including £128 for university fees
  • £1,325 for former Government employee pensions, of which around £383 comes from current employee contributions
  • £431 for the police, fire, prison and other parts of the Department of Home Affairs
  • £249 for supporting the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, including the Office of Fair Trading & Road Transport Licencing Committee
  • £192 net expenditure (after income) for public transport and heritage railways
  • £143 for waste management, in addition a further £75 raised via local authorities or business waste charges
  • £72 for sports and the arts, including subsidising regional swimming pools.

[1] Assumes population of 84,517 per Economic Affairs, Cabinet Office (September 2020)

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