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Telephone Monitoring Policy

All calls to and from Social Security are recorded for quality purposes, to prevent crime or misuse, to ensure our staff act in compliance with required procedures and standards and to assist in the provision of training, monitoring and service improvement. Maintaining client confidentiality is extremely important to us, and your information will only be used in compliance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act, 2002 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Recordings will only be used for specified purposes. Callers are informed of the recording process through the welcome message system and information is provided in our correspondence and on our website.

We comply with legislation including:

  • The Regulation of Surveillance Etc. Act
  • The Data Protection Act 2002
  • The Human Rights Act

For further information on the policy please contact us on:

  • +44 1624 685099


  • +44 1624 685112

Isle of Man Government will not tolerate abusive language or behaviour either by or to its members of staff. All staff have the right to work without fear of verbal or physical abuse. 

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