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Home Visits

If you cannot get to one of our offices and we are unable to help you by email, phone or letter, Visiting Officers will visit you at home.

We may also visit you to ask for any information we need to make sure that your benefit is paid correctly.

Visiting your home

Before we visit you at home we will normally arrange a mutually convenient date and approximate time.

It is difficult for us to make an appointment for an exact time as previous appointments may take longer than planned. We aim to arrive at your home within 60 minutes of the agreed time.

You can normally expect to be advised of the name and telephone number of the member of staff who will be visiting you.

Visiting officers will:

  • Always show their identification card and give their name
  • Provide you with relevant information and check that you understand it
  • Remember they are a guest in your home
  • Treat you with courtesy, respect and politeness at all times.
  • Be honest and open with you and expect the same in return

Smokefree policy: Important information for people receiving home visits

The Social Security Division has a duty to provide a safe working environment for all our staff. During our visit, your home is also our working environment, so please help us by doing everything possible to provide a smokefree environment.

We request that if you, your family or visitors smoke, please refrain from smoking for the duration of the visit. Wherever possible, ask other smokers to go outside to smoke whilst our staff are visiting.

For free help to quit smoking see Quit4You Services

During our visit

We will provide you with accurate, current information about benefits applicable to your situation. We will check that you understand what to do if any further action is required and how you can comment if you disagree with anything we have said.

We may need to ask in-depth questions, but this will only be when necessary for the benefit involved. For example, we will need bank statements if you are claiming Income Support.

We will be honest and open with you and ask that you are honest and open with us in return. This means we will treat you as an individual with a genuine interest in your welfare. The information you give to us will only be passed to the section dealing with your benefit.


We will answer your questions and any concerns clearly and honestly. The Social Security Team is committed to providing a clear and concise response in all communications.

We aim to ensure that all written information is in plain English, and in an easy to read format. We can provide information in large print on request. Any other assistance will be provided on request.

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