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If you become sick and are unable to work you could get financial help through Incapacity Benefit (IB).

Basic qualifying conditions

To qualify you must be ordinarily resident on the Island at the time of your claim.
You must be under State Pension age.

Entitlement to IB is based on the National Insurance contributions you have paid. Any savings you may have are ignored when deciding if you qualify.

If you are claiming incapacity benefit you (and any partner you have) can be required to take part in work-focused conversations as a condition for you retaining your full benefit.

Applying for Incapacity Benefit

Make your claim as soon as your incapacity starts. Download SC1 claim form or contact us for a paper copy.

If you are claiming for any periods over 21 days (14 days for claims made on or after 1 April 2022), please include a medical certificate from your doctor.


IB is paid at one of two basic rates:

  • Short term rate for the first 52 weeks of incapacity
  • Long term rate after 52 weeks

Normally, no payment is made for the first 3 days of incapacity.

You can be paid weekly using your MiCard at any Post Office. Or we can pay it directly into your bank or building society, every 2 weeks.