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Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking Blue Badge Scheme

Department of Health and Social Care

Third Floor Murray House

Mount Havelock


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 686325

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If you are disabled or find it extremely difficult to walk long distances, a Blue Badge can help you to park your car more conveniently.

There is no charge for a Blue Badge and they are normally valid for three years. The badge is for you whatever vehicle you are travelling in.

How to use the badge

  • The badge is for use by the holder only
  • The badge must be displayed on the vehicle only while it is being used by the disabled person - the badge must be removed from the vehicle at all other times
  • You must display the badge on the dashboard or fascia panel of a vehicle with the front facing forward so that the details can be seen from outside the vehicle
  • In disk parking zones you are entitled to park double the length of the specified time

Where to park

  • The badge does not give the holder any right to park in places where parking is restricted.
  • You may park in places reserved for the disabled, which may be on a street or in a car park. These places are clearly marked.

Double yellow lines

Unlike the UK it is illegal in the Isle of Man for Blue Badge holders to park on double yellow lines.

At their discretion, the police and traffic controllers may allow parking on double yellow lines for short periods, when it is impractical for a disabled person to park in an official space, BUT you may only do this if:

  • The vehicle is not parked within 7 metres (23 feet) of a road junction
  • The vehicle is not causing a danger or obstruction to other road users
  • There is not a loading or unloading ban in operation
  • The vehicle is not on the zigzag markings at a pedestrian crossing
  • There are no double white lines in the centre of the road

If this concession is misused or you park dangerously you could be liable to prosecution.

Misuse of a badge

Misuse of a Blue Badge is a serious offence and your badge can be withdrawn if you misuse it.

It is a summary offence for:

  • Able bodied people to use a badge
  • To drive a vehicle displaying a Blue Badge unless the badge is properly used and displayed

Maximum fine for misusing a badge is £2000.

Travelling off Island

If you take your badge to the UK you will be able to use it in the same way as on the Island, although there are some differences:

  • You may need to use a time clock where there is a time limit
  • You may be able to park on double yellow lines

Check on local rules and conditions first.

Disabled Parking Blue Badges issued in the UK are valid on the Isle of Man.

Renewal of a badge

Badges are normally valid for three years. We will send you an application form for renewal before your badge expires.

If your badge becomes damaged, illegible, or is lost or stolen, please contact the Disabled Parking Blue Badge Office on +44 1624 686325.

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