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Income Based Jobseeker's Allowance

Entitlement to JSA(IB) is means-tested. You must also satisfy the Isle of Man (IOM) residential condition.

Your JSA is made up of:

  • Personal allowances: these go towards normal day to day living expenses such as food, heating and lighting
  • Premiums: these extra amounts are only allowable in certain circumstances, for example if your partner cares for a severely disabled relative or is of state pension age
  • Housing costs: these go towards rent, rates, service charges or mortgage interest, etc

Work-focused conversations

If you are claiming JSA(IB) you or your partner (if you have one) can be required to take part in work-focused conversations as a condition for you retaining your full benefit.

People aged 16/17 years

In general 16/17 year olds are only entitled to JSA(IB) if they are in a vulnerable group, for example lone parents and people with disabilities. However, other young people could be entitled to JSA(IB) if they are at risk of suffering severe hardship.

Applying for JSA

You should apply for JSA as soon as you think you qualify.


You can collect your JSA in cash fortnightly at a Post Office using your MiCard.

There is no limit to the period for which JSA(IB) can be paid, provided you continue to meet the qualifying conditions.

Please see Benefits Rates for further details.

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