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COVID-19 Financial Support Schemes Fraud

COVID-19 Financial Support Scheme Fraud is an offence in accordance with the Financial Provisions and Currency Act 2011. Within the Act it states that ‘A person who provides false, incomplete, or misleading information in connection with an application under this Scheme commits an offence’. The maximum penalty is a fine of level 5 on the standard scale and/or six months in custody.

Someone could be charged with committing fraud if there is evidence that they:

  • Intentionally did not report a change in their circumstances affecting their claim for financial assistance within the scheme, thus making the application ineligible.
  • Being dishonest in order to get financial assistance to which they are not entitled.

Reporting scheme fraud

If you suspect fraud has been committed in relation to a COVID-19 support scheme, there are two ways this can be reported to the authorities.

If you wish to report suspected fraud anonymously then this can be done via Crimestoppers, available through the Isle of Man Constabulary.

Find out more about Crimestoppers.

If you suspect fraud has been committed and would be happy to provide your details then please contact the Isle of Man Constabulary directly via +44 1624 631212 or alternatively Isle of Man Constabulary website.

If you are acting on behalf of a regulated entity you should submit a suspicious activity report to the Financial Intelligence Unit via Themis

Visit the Financial Intelligence Unit website.

Schemes to which suspected fraud can be reported

  • Business Premises Support Scheme
  • Circuit Break Lockdown Schemes
  • Coronavirus Business Support Scheme – All variations
  • Coronavirus Recovery Scheme
  • December Disruption Scheme
  • Hospitality Transition Support Scheme
  • Salary Support Scheme
  • Strategic Capacity Scheme
  • Winter Disruption Scheme

If a scheme fraud is suspected or reported

An investigator will gather facts about your case and decide whether to take further action.

Other Government bodies (such as the Income Tax Division and Customs & Excise) are also allowed to provide information to help with scheme fraud investigations.

If you think that you’ve been incorrectly paid a Covid grant

If you think you have received financial support through any COVID-19 Financial Assistance Scheme incorrectly, please contact the Department for Enterprise by email at or by telephone on +44 1624 685748.

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