Benefits and Financial Support

These pages contain information about the types of benefits administered by the Social Security Division of The Treasury.

There is a wide variety of benefits to help you in times of need, and these pages tell you which ones you may be able to claim and which leaflets you need to tell you more about them.

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Privacy Notice

The Treasury collects information about you in order to administer taxation and carry out other functions for which it is responsible (eg National Insurance, customs and excise duties, property rates, social security benefits, state pensions and legal aid etc), and for the detection and prevention of crime.

Whilst that information will primarily be provided by you, where the law allows we may also get information about you from other organisations, or give information about you to them. This may be to check the accuracy of the information provided, prevent or detect crime or protect public funds in other ways. These organisations may include other government departments, the police and other agencies.

To find out more about how we collect and use personal information, contact any of our offices or visit our website.