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Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Welcome to Bright Ideas...

Our Aims: ·

To provide a helpful and courteous service to our residents ·

To provide an effective energy advice service to residents on the Isle of Man ·

To facilitate impartial exchange of information with local suppliers and interested parties to the benefit of Island residents.

Bright Ideas has been developed as a communication tool to raise awareness in energy efficiency and energy conservation on the Isle of Man. The aim is to share energy saving ideas with visitors and demonstrate ways in which people can save energy with simple no or low cost measures. Find out what others are doing, pick up some tips on saving energy and tell us what you think about our Bright Ideas.

Bright Ideas aims at stimulating interest and changing behaviours in how we use energy within our homes. There are a number of simple energy saving ideas demonstrated at Bright Ideas which helps us save money and save energy. By sharing expertise and information across Government, a central one stop energy saving centre concept could evolve providing information and advice which consumers desire on the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man Government welcomes efficient use of energy within homes to the benefit of the consumer and is a key partner in delivering the right information and services to meet the needs of the Isle of Man.

For more information contact the MEA Home Energy officer

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The Department of Infrastructure has a simple to use ‘Interactive House’ program which enables you to select a range of features from your property and see whether planning or building regulation consent is necessary for any home improvements. Please click on the image below to visit the interactive house.MY House

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