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Autism Acceptance

April is Autism Acceptance Month


We asked autistic people and people with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs), as well as their family, friends and carers to tell us what would make the Isle of Man a truly autism-friendly place.

An overwhelming majority of people said they would like to see greater efforts to raise awareness and increase public understanding of autism and ASCs. 

Our Aims

April is international Autism Acceptance Month, so it offers a perfect opportunity to promote a national conversation about the ways we can all contribute to making a truly autism-friendly Island. Last year, we sought to speak to members of the local community hearing from businesses and organisations on how they make themselves more autism-friendly and from individuals with autism on the challenges they face and their hopes for the future. This year, we again hope to promote understanding and acceptance of autism and ASCs with updated information and resources for organisations and individuals alike.

Guidance on how to be more autism-friendly

Human stories 

Case studies (learn from what others have done)

Do you have a story about how you’ve made your environment more autism-friendly? Contact us at

Local contacts and resources

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