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19 Sep 2017Cold Calling – Tarmacking O.F.T
18 Sep 2017OFT Chairman to Meet Manx Gas ProtestersO.F.T
30 Aug 2017Cold Calling – Painting Car Park White Lines O.F.T
30 Aug 2017ORD2013/19 judgment summaryCourts of Justice
16 Aug 2017Response to Consultation on draft Orders to amend the information gateways under various Acts I.O.M.F.S.A
11 Aug 2017Sanctions Update - Isil Da’esh and Al Qaida, Ukraine, LibyaI.O.M.F.S.A
9 Aug 2017Air Passenger Rights – Denied Boarding, Flight Delays and CancellationsO.F.T
9 Aug 2017Response to Consultation on Draft Legislation: Collective Investment Schemes – CEICs and Other Matters I.O.M.F.S.A
7 Aug 2017ABN AMRO Fund Services LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
7 Aug 2017ABN AMRO Fund Services Custodial LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
7 Aug 2017Capita Retail Financial Services (Isle of Man) Limited I.O.M.F.S.A
3 Aug 2017Euro Marketing & Management Consultants LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
2 Aug 2017KSi Hawk LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
2 Aug 2017OCRA (Isle of Man) LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
1 Aug 2017Frank Scott LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
31 Jul 2017The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority has today launched the 4th Quantitative Impact Study for Non-Life Insurers I.O.M.F.S.A
28 Jul 2017The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (“Authority”) issues a consultation paper for general insurance intermediariesI.O.M.F.S.A
28 Jul 2017ICM Tax Consultants Limited I.O.M.F.S.A
26 Jul 2017The Eco Resources Fund PCC plc (Qualifying Fund) I.O.M.F.S.A
26 Jul 2017Mona Limited I.O.M.F.S.A
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