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5 Feb 2016Significant increase in visitor figuresTourism
4 Feb 2016IOMFSA web-site reviewI.O.M.F.S.A
1 Feb 2016Future Loans (IOM) Limited & Future Mortgages (IOM) PCC Limited - Cancellation of registration under the Moneylenders Act 1991O.F.T
25 Jan 2016Sanctions Update I.O.M.F.S.A
20 Jan 2016MONEYVAL Onsite Assessment 2016I.O.M.F.S.A
19 Jan 2016Sanctions UpdateI.O.M.F.S.A
19 Jan 2016Kingside Services Ltd - Cancellation of registration under the Moneylenders Act 1991O.F.T
13 Jan 2016Adrian Lindsay JonesI.O.M.F.S.A
8 Jan 2016Sanctions Update I.O.M.F.S.A
8 Jan 2016Oceanic Asset Backed Finance LimitedI.O.M.F.S.A
5 Jan 2016Financial Services Authority and OFT Consultation on CrowdfundingO.F.T
5 Jan 2016Discussion Paper on New Types of Banking/ Deposit Taking LicencesO.F.T
4 Jan 2016Discussion paper on new types of banking/ deposit taking licencesI.O.M.F.S.A
4 Jan 2016Yanning Ltd - Cancellation of registration under the Moneylenders Act 1991O.F.T
24 Dec 2015Financial Services Authority - Christmas HoursI.O.M.F.S.A
24 Dec 2015OFT Welcomes Gas Tariff CutO.F.T
23 Dec 2015Commission issues Earth Station Licence to SES Satellite LeasingCommunications Commission
22 Dec 2015Consultation on amendments to the Regulated Activities Order, Financial Services (Fees) Order and Financial Services (Exemptions) Regulations including amendments to the various exemptions for directoI.O.M.F.S.A
22 Dec 2015Combined response to the second consultation on crowdfunding and a consultation on the draft legislation and licence conditions for crowdfunding platforms I.O.M.F.S.A
21 Dec 2015Summary of responses to the consultation on Basel III: capital adequacy and leverageI.O.M.F.S.A
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