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MANNGIS Online – Usage Instructions

MANNGIS Online is set up to work as intuitively as possible and for those familiar with other industry-standard web mapping products, it should be straightforward to operate. If you find problems, please report these to


The map window may be panned in any direction by clicking and dragging the map image within the window.

The map may be zoomed in or out by

a)    using the “+” or “-“ buttons on the scale slider

b)    clicking and dragging the scale slider bar up (zoom in) or down (zoom out)

c)    if your mouse is equipped with a rollerball, this can also be used to zoom in and out

Address Search

You can search by postcode (e.g. “IM1 2PX”), street (e.g. “Bucks Road”), or partial address (e.g. “Government Office” or “Government Office, Bucks Road”). Enter the value you want to search for in the Address Search box and click the “Search” button. If the query returns more than one matching record, you will be presented with a list. Click on the address you are interested in (and again if that then returns a list of flats etc) and the map zooms to the location of the selected property.


To query Local Information, first of all you need to set a position on the Island around which to search for facilities, services etc. To do this either

a)    Search for an address as above

b)    Click and drag the blue pin onto the map location you are interested in. Please note if you then move the map after doing a Local Information search, the blue pin will move relative to the map. Subsequent Local Information searches will use the location where the pin was originally placed regardless of where the pin actually appears on the map after it has been zoomed or panned. To change the location, reposition the pin on the map.

The site uses cookies to remember the last map location you select in a particular session. The next time you visit MANNGIS Online it will remember this location.

Local Information Search

Once you have set your location you can click on any of the service type headings that appear under Local Information. This will conduct either:

a)    A “Where’s my Nearest…?” search for the nearest surgeries, places to visit etc and display these in order of their distance from your location with the nearest at the top.

b)    A “Where Am I?” search to display which school catchment, local authority etc you are within.

Clicking on a feature in the Local Information list will zoom the map to include your location and the feature you clicked.

Summary information will be displayed for each feature. Most features also have hyperlinks to Government or external web pages providing more detailed information.


You can click the Reset button above Local Information at any point to clear search results and reset the map to the extent of the Island.

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