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The Unified Scheme consists of 10 sections that provide for varying pension provisions and charge a range of contribution rates.

Standard Section 1

All new joiners to posts eligible for membership of the Isle of Man Government Unified Scheme 2011 can join Standard Section 1 only. There are some exceptions, which are highlighted below.  

Practitioner Members - Section 6

Practitioner Members are also permitted to join Section 6.  Where this website refers to the Unified Scheme Guide, Practitioner members should also refer their Supplementary Guide. 

Firefighters - Section 7

Firefighters are also permitted to join Section 7 and certain elements of their pension provisions are different to other sections of the Unified Scheme. Whilst a majority of the information on this website applies to all members, Fire Fighters should refer to their own Scheme Guide

Members of Tynwald - Sections 8 and 8a

From September 2016 newly elected Tynwald Members are permitted to join Section 8 and re-elected Tynwald Members at that time, were permitted to join Section 8a.     

Members of the Judiciary, Attorney General and Solicitor General - Section 9

From April 2020, all new joiners to the Judiciary and the Attorney and Solicitor Generals are eligible to join Section 9 or the Standard Section. Prior to this the Judiciary had a separate pension scheme (Judicial Pension Scheme 2004) which was closed to new members from April 2020.     

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