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Unified Scheme

The Unified Scheme was introduced on 1 April 2012 and this section explains the benefits offered:

We can’t give you financial advice. If you need financial advice we recommend you speak to an independent and authorised financial adviser. For more information on appointing a Financial Adviser, please refer to Independent Financial Advisers. These advisers have been provided with detailed information about the Unified Scheme.

Then Unified Scheme consists of 7 sections that provide varying pension provisions. If you are employed as Firefighter or Practitioner please ensure you refer to your supplementary guides.   

Firefighters – Section 7 only

Firefighters are only permitted to join Section 7 and certain elements of their pension provisions are different to other sections of the Unified Scheme. Whilst a majority of the information on this website applies to all members, Fire Fighters should refer to their own Scheme Guide

Practitioner Members

Where this website refers to the Unified Scheme Guide, Practitioner members should also refer their Supplementary Guide.  

When can you retire?

You can collect your pension entitlement between age 55 and 75 if you retire from employment. However, it's important to note that you may have a contractual retirement age (the latest age at which your employer will expect you to retire) and for a majority of members this will be age 65.

This means your retirement age will depend on your terms and conditions of employment. If you are considering carry on working after your contractual retirement age, you must have the agreement of your employer.

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