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About Injury Benefits

This Injury Benefits Scheme applies only to those who make an application for injury benefit on or after 1 April 2015.

An injury benefit is available to public sector employees who suffer a permanent reduction in their earning ability from employment of more than 10% as a result of an injury or disease that is wholly or mainly attributable to their public sector duties.

It can be paid if the number of hours the employee can work is permanently reduced; if they have to change to a lower paid job; or if they have to leave their public sector employment.

The allowance is intended to top up the employee’s income to a percentage of their pay, dependent on length of service and the permanent reduction in earning ability.

Benefits awarded will be reduced, however, by income received by the applicant from a specific range of sources: these are pensions, some social security benefits, and compensation received in connection with the illness or injury in question.

A lump sum may also be payable if the applicant’s employment ends because of the injury or illness. This is also a percentage of the applicant’s pay, but unlike the injury benefit, it is not connected to the length of service.

When in payment, the recipient's continued entitlement to the injury benefit will be reviewed and in all cases the payment will cease when the recipient reaches their state pension age.  

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