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Public Sector Compensation Scheme

The Public Sector Pensions Authority (PSPA) has on the 13 January 2014 made the Public Sector Compensation Scheme 2013. This Scheme puts in place new arrangements for  employees within a large proportion of the Public Service whose service terminates as a consequence of the loss of office or redundancy.

The previous arrangements under the Interim Compensation Scheme 2012 no longer apply and have been revoked. Therefore, any element of automatic pension enhancement applicable under the former arrangements have been removed and replaced by the payment of a lump sum  based upon a more traditional formula of pay and length of service.

However, the new arrangements do provide the opportunity for affected employees over the age of 50 to voluntarily exchange all or part of their redundancy payment in order to buy additional pensionable service in the Unified Scheme, in order to increase their pension benefits.

Further details, including a formal response to the consultation on the Scheme, a document setting out some of the Frequently Asked Questions around the introduction of the Scheme and a copy of the Scheme itself can be found below.

Deemed Minimum

For the purposes of calculating an employee's lump sum under this scheme, the Deemed Minimum Salary of £25,000 as at 13 January 2014 has increases in April each year by the IOM RPI published in March) in order to keep pace with inflation. Since 13 January 2014 the Deemed Minimum Salaries are:

  • April 2014 - £25,725
  • April 2015 - £26,085
  • April 2016 - £26,945
  • April 2017 - £28,858
  • April 2018 - £31,051
  • April 2019 - £31,610
  • April 2020 - £32,495
  • April 2021 - £32,333
  • April 2022 - £34,693
  • April 2023 - £38,232
  • April 2024 - £40,985
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