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PSPA Consultation

Consultations give Scheme Members and their Representatives an opportunity to have a say on any new proposals from the PSPA to amend public sector pension schemes, so that their views can be taken into account.

From time to time, this page will provide details about current consultations and have links to all documents produced from consultation exercises.

Active Consultations

Consultation on the Public Sector Pensions Administration (Fees) Order 2024

The Public Sector Pensions Authority (PSPA) is currently consulting on proposed amendments to the current Public Sector Pensions Administration (Fees) Order 2021. At present, the fees charged were last reviewed in 2021 and was brought into operation on 1 December 2021.  

The purpose of this consultation document is to obtain views in relation to the draft Public Sector Pensions Administration (Fees) Order 2024. The intention of the order is to increase the charges for administration associated with Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships and the provision of multiple, hypothetical or ad hoc estimates for pension benefits and transfer values.

View the consultation document PSPA Consultation on Fees Order 2024.

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