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Joining the Police Scheme

New Joiners

Welcome to your new scheme! If you are a regular police officer and join the service in the Isle of Man you will automatically become a member of the Police Pensions Regulations 2010 Scheme (unless you decided opt out).

Here is where you can find come useful documents if you have recently joined this scheme.

Are you a new joiner?

If you are a new joiner, the New joiner factsheet will give you an overview of your scheme and help answer some initial questions.

Are you thinking about opting out of joining a Police Scheme?

If you do not want to be a member, you and your employer’s pay office need to complete the Opt out form.

However, before opting out, make sure you understand the benefits available to you and your dependants and what you may be giving up.

Please make sure you read our Opt out factsheet before completing the Opt out form.

Your pension rights are valuable so you should think carefully about what you do and if you are in any doubt, seek independent financial advice. For more information on appointing a Financial Adviser, please refer to Independent Financial Advisers.

To find our more, read your member guide.

The 1991 Police Pension Scheme

The 1991 Police Pension Scheme was closed to new members from 1 April 2010.

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