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Declaration of Entitlement

Declaration of Entitlement for Pensions In Payment

The Public Sector Pensions Authority (PSPA) is required by law to protect the public funds it pays to pensioners.

To make sure that pensions (including injury allowances and dependent pensions) are being paid to the right people and at the correct rate, the PSPA will be writing to each pensioner asking them to confirm their continued entitlement to their pension by signing a Declaration of Entitlement Form.

Starting in October 2017 the PSPA will be writing to all pensioners in receipt of a public sector pension (or allowance) asking them to complete a Declaration of Entitlement form.

Each individual’s identity and signature must be authenticated by a witness.  

For those who live outside of the Isle of Man, their identity and signature must be authenticated by a witness who knows them. The witness must not be your spouse, partner or a relative

The PSPA may be able to witness the form for on-Island residents, but only if the individual attends the PSPA office in person, with photographic ID (such as Passport or Drivers Licence) and proof of address (in the form of a recent utility bill).

Failure to complete and return the form as required could result in a pension being suspended or stopped completely. Please note that the PSPA will take steps to recover all overpayments of public sector pensions.

You can find out more information, including the circumstances that could alter your continued eligibility to receive a public service pension, in our Declaration of Entitlement Factsheet or by emailing the PSPA at

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