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Climate Change Policy

The Climate Change Act 2021 places climate change duties on the PSPA as a public body of the Isle of Man Government. As a Statutory Authority of the Isle of Man Government we will adopt many of the policies and practices established by the Government which then inform our actions.

The climate change duties are a key part of the framework created by the Climate Change Act 2021 as they ensure that all Manx public bodies must work toward the common goal of reducing emissions, in a way that provides benefit for our Island.

The PSPA is a Category B Public Body and to comply with the reporting requirements of the Climate Change Act 2021, each year the PSPA will submit its climate change duties report detailing the climate change performance of the Authority for that year.

The PSPA recognises the importance of tackling climate change and we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through effective sustainable management of our operations and where possible, our office.

Read the PSPA Climate Change Report 2024 online. 

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