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About the PSPA

The Public Sector Pensions Authority (PSPA) was established in 2012 under the Public Sector Pensions Act 2011, (the 2011 Act). The PSPA is an independent Statutory Board responsible for the management, administration and governance of the majority of public sector pension arrangements on the Isle of Man.  

PSPA Board

The PSPA Board is appointed by the Council of Ministers and has five members.

An independent Chairman, a Vice Chairman (who is also the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission). In addition to the Vice Chairman, there is another member to represent the interests of employers of public sector employees. These members are joined by two further members. One member who is nominated by the IOM Trades Council and the other is nominated by any Isle of Man trade union body representing the interests of public sector employees, to represent the interests of public sector employees. 

The current Members of the PSPA Board are:


  • Mr Jerry Carter (Chair)

Employer Representatives:

  • Kate Lord-Brennan MHK (Vice Chair)

  • Rob Mercer MLC

Employee Representatives:

  • Mrs Debbie Halsall – Unite the Union-Employee
  • Mr Ian Wright – British Medical Association Representative


The PSPA is currently responsible for the management and administration of the following schemes:

  • Isle of Man Government Unified Scheme 2011
  • Police Pensions Regulations 1991
  • Police Pensions Regulations 2010
  • Teachers’ Superannuation Order 2011
  • Superannuation Manual Workers No1 Scheme 1973
  • Judicial Pension Scheme 1992
  • Judicial Pension Scheme 2004

The PSPA is also responsible for the management of the:

  • Public Sector Compensation Scheme 2014
  • The Teachers’ Compensation Scheme 2014
  • Public Sector Injury Benefit Scheme 2015

The Administration for the two Compensation Schemes is carried out the Employing Authorities.


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