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Restoration and recovery of elective services on the Isle of Man

Background – what is the Elective Restoration and Recovery Programme?

Even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, healthcare waiting lists on the Isle of Man were lengthy, and with no clear plan in place to focus on reducing these. This was only exacerbated further by the pandemic. When Manx Care came into existence on 01 April 2021, it made a clear commitment to reduce waiting lists across a number of clinical specialities. The Elective Restoration and Recovery Programme is how this will be achieved.

Where required, Manx Care plans to work with a number of specialist healthcare providers who we intend will see and treat some of our patients on our behalf. It’s important to clarify that any work which is carried out by partner healthcare providers will not replace the delivery of activity at either Noble's Hospital or Ramsey District Cottage Hospital – instead, this activity will supplement the existing activity being performed at both locations, increasing our capacity to see and treat patients and thus work to reduce waiting lists more quickly. 

Utilising the support of a number of experienced healthcare providers to deliver a combination of both virtual consultations and treatment across some specialities will help Manx Care to achieve this whilst also allowing us to transform the way that services are delivered so that we can build a sustainable infrastructure that will future-proof the health and social care needs of the Island’s population moving forward.  

This approach is being employed across the UK, where NHS Trusts are using a number of private healthcare providers to supplement their own individual capacity following the provision of an additional £5.4 billion of funding by England’s Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, specifically to tackle waiting lists as part of its Covid-19 restoration and recovery programme.

You can find out more by following this link

Information about the clinical specialities covered under this programme 

Further details will be announced as our plans progress.

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