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Patient Access Policy and Waiting Times Reports

It has been one of Manx Care's key objectives under its Operating Plan and Restoration & Recovery (R&R) programme to begin the publication of current waiting list sizes and indicative waiting times by specialty on a monthly basis. This report is the first step in realising that ambition. It is Manx Care's aspiration to have timely access to elective services for its service users and patients. This requires the organisation to have sustainable waiting list sizes across all Consultant led pathways to facilitate maximum Referral to Treatment (RTT) waiting times of 65 weeks for elective care by March 2024 (except where patients choose to wait longer or in specific specialities).

Manx Care inherited a significant waiting list backlog across all inpatient, day-case and outpatient specialties, largely due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the capacity of elective services. Manx Care does not currently have sufficient substantive capacity to address the aforementioned waiting list backlogs without recourse to additional capacity. The Restoration & Recovery programme was established to identify and implement the additional capacity and productivity improvement initiatives required to deliver sustainable waiting list positions for each specialty. This is being delivered via a series of supporting business cases, developed in phases, to deliver the required capacity to ensure timely access to Manx Care’s elective services for the Manx public.

The development of the Waiting Time Information report is therefore an iterative process which will be undertaken over the coming months. The Performance Improvement & Management Service (PIMS) remain responsive to feedback received from colleagues, the Board and the public with regard to the evolution of the content and format of this report.

Patient Access Policy

Waiting Times Reports

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