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Manx Care is having an amnesty on crutches!

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

There’s currently an international supply shortage on crutches and so we are trying to recycle as many pairs as we can so they can be refurbished and re-used by patients who need them. In addition, it’s difficult to justify trying to source and buy any more pairs when we know how many sets are out there in the community that are not being used on a daily basis.

Manx Care is making it as easy as possible for people to return their unused crutches, and has installed collection points in the following locations around the Island: 

  • North – Ramsey District Cottage Hospital (Minor Injuries Unit)
  • South – Equipment Hut at the rear of the Southern Wellbeing Centre, Thie Rosien, Port Erin
  • East – Noble’s Hospital Emergency Department (entrance), Douglas
  • West – Western Wellbeing Centre, opposite the large Shoprite in Peel

Lee Derbyshire, Manx Care’s Lead Practitioner for MACU (Minor Ambulatory Care Unit), commented:

“We know that there are a lot of pairs of crutches sitting unused in our community – people may have been sent home with them and used them for a few weeks, and now they’re just gathering dust in a cupboard or surplus to requirements. If you’ve got a set and you’re not actively using them, I’d encourage you to please return them. Similarly, if you know of any friends, family members or patients who have a pair they’re no longer using, please encourage them to return these too. We’d really appreciate it!”

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