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Integrated Performance Report

The Integrated Performance Report (IPR) is Manx Care’s monthly report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each service area. It is based on the performance standards outlined in Manx Care’s Operating Plan, the DHSC’s Mandate to Manx Care , and the government’s ‘Our Island Plan’.


A programme of work to develop and improve the content and format of the IPR continues. The aim of this work is to ensure that the IPR continues to improve in its provision of a meaningful context for the levels of performance being achieved across the organisation. A more structured and concise format will give a clearer and greater sense of assurance that areas of challenge are being identified and addressed efficiently and effectively, and that areas of good practice are being highlighted and learned from.

Structured narrative

Supporting narratives for the KPIs are structured in a consistent format. This sets out the detail of the issues and factors impacting on the performance, the planned remedial and mitigating actions that Manx Care is taking to address the issues, and the expected recovery timescales in which performance is expected to become compliant with the required standards (through the implementation of the remedial actions).

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