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Wellbeing Partnerships

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Wellbeing Partnerships are a locally-based team who provide co-ordinated support for people to help them stay well in their own community through a single point of referral.

Wellbeing Partnerships bring together statutory health and social care services as well as third sector organisations and domiciliary care agencies to deliver a seamless, multi-agency, person-centred health and social care service that will deliver better outcomes for our population.

Promoting equality and inclusion is at the heart of the integrated care and wellbeing partnership model.

The Wellbeing Partnership aims to: 

  • Optimise peoples’ health and wellbeing by providing prompt assessment, advice, education, and support, with focus on health promotion, for those who:

    • have experienced a recent deterioration in function or condition

    • may be at risk of admission to hospital or a care home

  • May require a prolonged stay in hospital or a care home

  • Make addressing social isolation everyone’s business

  • Share knowledge and skills and have respect for each other’s strengths, delivering services in equal partnership

  • Be responsible for managing planned care and support by accessing services from statutory and third sector organisations as appropriate

  • Improve accessibility to community services and resources

  • Improve referral time by having a single point of contact, reducing time spent navigating services

  • Avoid people going into hospital or long-term care unnecessarily

  • Avoid unnecessarily prolonged hospital stays

  • Enable and empower people to be as independent as possible following a significant change in personal circumstances, leading to an increased risk of being unable to live independently

How the centre came about

The partnership was developed as part of an integrated care pilot project which commenced in April 2018 in order to lay the foundations for what was then the Department of Health & Social Care to achieve its strategic objective of implementing integrated care across the Isle of Man.

The first phase of the pilot was implemented in February 2019 following an extensive period of consultation and engagement with the local community, as well as those delivering care and support in the West and other key stakeholders. The Project Team implemented 42 recommendations which collectively help deliver a model of integrated care to meet the requirements and aspirations of those people receiving and providing care and support to people living in the West. 

The Western Wellbeing Partnership was formally launched in February 2020. The Southern Wellbeing Partnership has been operating since June 2021 and was formally launched in December 2021. The Northern Wellbeing Partnership has been operating since December 2021.

Consultations for the launch of the Eastern Wellbeing Partnership are planned for 2023. Look out for further announcements over the coming months.

Integrated care is also being rolled out across England - read how they are approaching this.

What the Wellbeing Partnerships do

Integrated care is about providing health and social care services where they are needed, giving service-users easy-to-access and continuous care in one location instead of ‘fragmented’ care across several locations.

Referring someone is easy, for the public simply call or contact our teams, and for practitioners its one simple referral form to the partnership along with the person’s consent. Our practitioner teams will coordinate the support the person needs.

To get in touch, please contact one of our team:


Alternatively we are able to chat with people informally and provide signposting and advice in relation to questions around health and social care, including cost of living and warm spaces. If you are a concerned relative, friend or neighbour, you can also enquire about the services or relevant assistance that might be available to someone you think is in need. Names must only be disclosed if the individual has given their consent.

We also hold regular drop-in sessions where you can speak directly to a specialist in a particular area of expertise. The Southern and Western Wellbeing Partnerships hold regular drop-in sessions for people to talk to someone about debt advice, hear2hear, Alzheimer’s society, MCALS, Southern Befrienders, and Sightmatters.

We also bring practitioners and services to our locations providing them space to hold appointments with people nearer their homes.

We also have meeting areas and rooms available to the community and are happy for them to be used for community meetings, consultations or events.

Who can use the Wellbeing Partnerships

The Wellbeing Partnerships are for anyone aged 18+ who is registered with their GP in these locations:

  • West: Peel Group Practice

  • South: Southern Group Practice, Castletown Medical Centre, Ballasalla Medical Centre

  • North: Ramsey Group Practice

  • East: Hailwood Medical Centre, Laxey & Village Walk Health Centres, Kensington Health Centre, Palatine Group Practice, Snaefell Surgery or Finch Hill Health Centre

Anyone registered at one of those GPs can drop in or self-refer.

Where the Wellbeing Partnerships are located

There are 4 wellbeing partnerships serving the western, northern, southern and easthern communities. These are based in the following locations:

Wellbeing Partnerships locations on the Isle of Man map

Western Wellbeing Partnership

For people registered with the Peel Group Practice.

Western Wellbeing Centre
Derby Road
Telephone: +44 1624 685846

Southern Wellbeing Partnership

For people registered with Southern Group Practice, Castletown Medical Centre and Ballasalla Group Practice.

Southern Wellbeing Centre
Thie Rosien
Station Road
Port Erin
Telephone: +44 1624 686109

Northern Wellbeing Partnership*

For people registered with Ramsey Group Practice.

Dalmeny House
Cumberland Road
Telephone: +44 1624 686432

Interim Eastern Wellbeing Partnerships*

For people registered with Hailwood Medical Centre, Laxey & Village Walk Health Centres,  Kensington Health Centre, Palatine Group Practice,
Snaefell Surgery or Finch Hill Health Centre.

Telephone: +44 1624 686207

* Please note these services will be available for the Northern & Eastern Wellbeing Partnerships once physical counter spaces have been opened.

Opening hours

The Wellbeing Partnerships are accessible during the hours of 09am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Isle of Man Public Holidays).

Please be aware that in the event of an emergency or crisis, you should call for the help that is most appropriate to your need:

  • Emergency Services (999)
  • Mental Health Crisis Team (+44 1624 642860)
  • Manx Emergency Doctor Service (+44 1624 650355) 

You can also reach the Samaritans on 0330 094 5717 (local call charges apply) or on 116 123 (free from any phone).

For less urgent support out of hours (weekends, evenings and Public Holidays) please refer to the Signposting page.

Members of the Wellbeing Partnerships

  • Adult Community Nursing
  • Alzheimer’s society
  • Community Adult Therapy Service (CATS)  OT and Physio
  • Community Mental Health Service for Adults (CMSHA)
  • Community Support Services
  • Community Wellbeing Service
  • Crossroads
  • Day Care Services
  • Dieticians
  • Domiciliary care agencies
  • Manx Deaf Society
  • Frailty Team – Gerontologists
  • Housing matters
  • Local Nursing and Residential care homes
  • Sheltered Home Wardens
  • Local Group Practice / GPs
  • Live at home
  • Long Term Conditions Coordinator
  • Motiv8
  • Older Persons Mental Health Services
  • Palliative Care Nurses (Hospice at home)
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Podiatry Team
  • Reablement Team
  • Sightmatters
  • Social Work Teams  (Older people, Adults and Learning Disabilites)
  • Specialists practitioners – including tissue viability, adult safeguarding, SALT, continence
  • And other third sectors or services as required
  • Wellbeing Partnership Lead and Referral Coordinator

Services outside of Health and Social Care continue to come on board including Community Policing, Public Health, Social Benefits Agency, Probation Service, Welcome Centre, Debt Advice, and School SEN teams.

How to get involved

If you are an individual or know someone in need of support, please do drop in or call us to let us know.

If you are a third sector or private organisation providing care, please contact us about your services and come along to our monthly meetings.

If you are a practitioner in Manx Care, please ask how you can get involved and come along to our monthly meetings.

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