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Health Outcomes Framework

The Manx Care Health Outcomes Framework:

  • provides a national overview of how well Manx Care is performing,
  • is the primary accountability mechanism, in conjunction with the mandate, between the Director of Public Health and Manx Care, and
  • improves quality throughout the Service by encouraging a change in culture and behaviour, focusing on health outcomes not process.

Similar to the NHS Outcomes Framework in England, the Manx Care HOF comprises of a suite of indicators grouped into 5 domains which set out the high-level national outcomes that the Manx Care should be aiming to improve. Indicators measure performance within the health and care system which in turn, provides openness and transparency, and most importantly accountability, in order to drive improvements in health provision whilst reducing health inequality.

The five domains are;


Domain 1 - Excel file

Domain 2 - Excel file

Domain 3 - Excel file

Domain 4 - Excel file

Domain 5 - Excel file

The Manx Care Business Intelligence Team will work in collaboration with all service areas on the development and reporting of the outcome indicators, including assistance in calculating indicator metrics. The team will coordinate publication of the data which will include indicator specifications and quality statements. The range of data sources being interrogated means that some indicators may be updated on a quarterly basis whilst others can only be updated annually or biannually. This will be detailed in the publication schedule.

The Manx Care HOF uses the standard methodologies and calculations of the NHS Outcomes Framework (where possible), in order to enable comparison between the island and England. We aim to report on all indicators covered by the NHS Outcomes Framework and any that cannot currently be calculated will be developed ready for publication in future releases.

The methodology used to calculate the indicator values will be published alongside the indicator value. This methodology will be under active review in order to ensure that:

  • they accurately reflect the information held and outcomes sought, and
  • that they can be clearly understood and reproduced within local health systems.

Further changes to the methodology will be detailed alongside future releases.

In line with Recommendation 23 of Sir Johnathan Michael Review, Manx Care are currently reviewing all of their existing systems and available data and working to create a comprehensive and robust core dataset, supported by digital technology. The publication of the Health Outcomes Framework will be put on hold whilst we complete this work, at which point the Health Outcomes Framework publication will be reviewed. 

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