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COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

The lifting of travel restrictions in the Isle of Man and elsewhere means that residents may be required to demonstrate their COVID-19 status when travelling abroad.

The UK NHS App allows you to store and share your vaccination status in a secure way. It enables you to show others that you have received a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine where this is a requirement in some countries and territories.

Isle of Man Government plans to use the UK NHS App for the purpose of providing residents with their own COVID-19 vaccination certificate for travel, and intends to share information with NHS Digital on all COVID-19 vaccinations given in the Island. 

NHS Digital is the provider for production of the COVID-19 vaccine certificate for individuals. The certificate is expected to be widely recognised and accepted for UK and international travel, and will be available either electronically via the NHS App or as a paper copy.

The Department of Health and Social Care via Manx Care will share all vaccination data with NHS Digital for its sole and specific use on the NHS App. Once the data is received, residents will be able to view their vaccination certificate in digital format on the app or request a paper version to be posted to them.  

A temporary solution has been set up where individuals can contact Manx Care on +44 1624 650700 and request a letter stating proof of their vaccination status if they are travelling outside of the UK in the next few weeks. This will be accompanied by an approved letter from DHSC. It is important to note that this is a temporary solution and that it is the individuals' responsibility to check that the letter will be accepted by the authorities of the country they are visiting before travel. The IoM Government is not responsible if the letter is not accepted in any country.

Privacy notice

Please refer to the Manx Care Vaccination Certificate Privacy Notice for more information about how your personal details will be used.

Opting out

If you wish to opt out from your data being transferred to NHS Digital please use this Vaccination Data Sharing Opt Out form.

Please note that if you opt-out of the data transfer, you will be unable to access either a digital or paper copy form of the Vaccination Certificate.

You may opt back at any time, before the data transfer or subsequently if you change your mind.

This form should also be used if you opted out but subsequently wish to opt-in.

Residents can already download the UK NHS App. You will need to validate your identity using photographic ID and provide your NHS number for the registration process and on repeat prescription forms. You can also access the UK ‘Find My NHS Number’ website.

The UK NHS App also provides an additional viewing portal for people to see their health information provided by GPs, similar to the IoM Patient Access web view. You will be able to view this as well as your vaccination record when you have registered for the app. This data can only be viewed by you, the patient and your GP.

This health information can also be viewed through Patient Access, a free digital web-based facility already available which offers Isle of Man patients remote access to their GP records. To register, download the Patient Access App, or visit Patient Access' website to register for local GP services

The transfer of residents’ vaccination data to NHS Digital for use on NHS App has no connection to any other NHS database or data collection exercise in the UK.

For further information on the Isle of Man Vaccination Certificate please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Further guidance on how people can demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination status is available online on GOV.UK. 

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