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Board Members


  • Andrew Foster CBE

Chief Executive Officer

  • Teresa Cope

Non-executive Board Members   

  • Andrew Guy
  • Katie Kapernaros
  • Sarah Pinch
  • Vanessa Walker
  • Nigel Wood

Executive Board Members (voting)

  • Cath Quilliam - Director of Nursing
  • Jackie Lawless - Finance Director
  • Sree Andole - Medical Director
  • Sally Shaw - Director of Social Care

Executive Board Members (non-voting)

  • Richard Wild - Chief Information Officer
  • Oliver Radford - Director of Operations
  • Barbara Scott - Director of Infrastructure
  • Clare Conie - Director of HR Business
  • John Middleton - Board Secretary

Our Board is made up of the Chair, Chief Executive, Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors. The Board of Directors is the principal decision making body of our organisation. The Chief Executive and Executive Directors are full-time staff employed directly by Manx Care. The Chair and Non-Executive Directors are independent people drawn from the local community and industry who share their unique insights, varied experience, public and private sector perspective and talents developed in other sectors and industries with us.

The Board delegates some its work to a number of Board Committees. Each is chaired by a Non-Executive Director, with the exception of the Nomination, Appointments and Remuneration Committee which is chaired by the Manx Care Chair.

The Committees were established to provide assurance to the Board of Directors:

  • Nomination, Appointments and Remuneration Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance, Performance & Commissioning Committee
  • People Committee
  • Quality, Safety & Engagement Committee
  • Mental Health Act Legislation Committee
  • Digital & Informatics Committee

Whilst the Board looks forward to welcoming members of the public to its meetings in future, for the time being due to national guidance on social distancing restrictions, board meetings will be held virtually and members of the public will not be able to attend.  Questions from the public are still very welcome and will be addressed during the meeting.  The meeting will, however, be recorded and this will be published on the Manx Care website for full transparency together with the approved Minutes.

Advance notice of the dates of board meetings to be held in public, 10am to 12.30pm.


  • 25-May
  • 27-Jul
  • 28-Sep
  • 22-Nov


  • 25-Jan
  • 22-Mar
  • 24-May
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