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Adult Social Work Teams

What do the Social Workers do?

If you are referred to the Department of Health and Social Care through the Adult Services Access Team you will be allocated a Social Worker. Your allocated Social Worker’s job will be to discuss your needs with you and your family and complete an assessment of need.

The purpose of an assessment is to find out about your situation. In this way the social worker can get to know what support you have already, what you want and what you need. Your wishes will be taken into account. The views of your family/carer will also be considered. The Social Worker may also contact other professionals, for example, health visitor or occupational therapist. The social worker can then, with you, draw up a plan for your care.

Where do the Social Work Teams operate?

We have a number of teams of Social Workers who work with adults in need and their carers to provide support for those adults to live as independently as possible.

The teams are:

Community Older Peoples Social Work Team - operates a neighbourhood system, so social workers generally work in specific areas - north, south, east and west

Older Peoples Hospital Social Work Team - has social workers allocated to specific wards in Noble's Hospital and Ramsey Cottage Hospital.

Adult Disabilities Social Work Team - provides a service to the whole of the Isle of Man from a central base in Douglas

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