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2022 Manx Care’s CARE Awards


About the awards

Manx Care will hold its inaugural annual colleague recognition event in February 2023. This will celebrate Manx Care’s colleagues, and will bring together all of the different ways in which we recognise our colleagues across the course of a calendar year.  

The event will be an evening event, and will follow a similar format to a UK NHS Trust annual recognition ceremony.

Colleagues will be able to nominate individuals or teams across seven different categories, with two awards being chosen by the Chairman and CEO respectively, with nominations for the final award being invited from members of the public. Colleagues will then be able to nominate their winner from a shortlist.

The award categories will be sponsored by organisations from the private sector. Their details will be added to this page as they are secured. The individual categories are outlined below. 

Awards categories

The Quality and Safety Award - sponsored by Tooms Building Contractors Ltd

The Championing Innovation Award - sponsored by Synaptik

The Driving Integration of Care Award - sponsored by Greenlight Television

The Inspiring Leadership Award - sponsored by Exceed Business Services

The Community Impact Award - sponsored by Top Care Nursing Agency isle of Man

The Financial Health Award - sponsored by Edgewater Associates

The Unsung Hero Award - sponsored by Karsons Pharmacy

The People’s Champion Award - sponsored by Aston International

The CEO’s Outstanding Achievement Award - sponsored by Manx Telecom Group

The Chairman’s Award - sponsored by Lloyds Bank International

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  • Nominations will be assessed against Manx Care’s new CARE Values, as well as criteria specific to each award

  • Written nominations must be submitted using a dedicated form – it should be of substantial detail in order to make an informed decision. Nominations are only as good as the quality of the information the judges receive!

  • Primarily, the judges will be looking for good examples of dedication above and beyond the call of duty, and innovation or flair that has led to improvements in the delivery of services

  • Anyone nominating an individual or team should make them aware of this before submitting the nomination. Given that the event will be publicised, they should be comfortable to receive a level of publicity should they be shortlisted or win their category  

  • Teams are able to nominate themselves; similarly a nominator can be a member of the team they are nominating. However, self-nominations on an individual basis are not permitted

  • The judging panel reserves the right to re-allocate an application into a different category if they think it has a greater chance of success to the one originally nominated for

  • It will not be possible to return nomination forms so copies should be made prior to submission

Eligibility and restrictions

  • Anyone employed within Manx Care can be nominated (including fulltime, part-time or Bank colleagues), from across the organisation – this includes both front-line colleagues and those working in non-patient-facing roles

  • They can be working at any level of the organisation (it does not matter whether they are a senior leader or not)

  • It does not matter whether your nominee works in front-line care, behind the scenes or is involved in work that helps to motivate or train colleagues. The nomination simply needs to in some way illustrate how that person/team contributes towards the aims of the wider organisation and meets the CARE Values

  • You cannot nominate a person/team in more than one category for the same piece of work, or if they have received an award for the work previously

  • Depending on the category of the award, individuals and teams may be nominated by:

    • A colleague or manager
    • A member of the public
    • A patient
    • A member of their team
    • An official Manx Care volunteer


The judging panel will comprise of Manx Care’s Executive Leadership Team and Non-Executive Directors. This will be chaired by Sarah Pinch in her capacity as Manx Care’s Vice Chair, and Chair of the People Committee, a sub-committee of the Manx Care Board. Meet the judges

Nomination forms

  • Available in online or paper copy (both options are available below)

  • Guidance will accompany these to support people in making the strongest possible nominations in line with the CARE Values

  • Nomination forms will be assessed by the panel, with feedback provided to individuals who have made a nomination in the event the information provided is not of a suitable level to make an informed judgement

Online nomination forms

Please visit the consultation hub to submit your nomination forms online.

Please be aware that if you wish to attach any supplementary evidence to your nomination, you cannot do this via the online entry form. Instead, you need to send this either as a hard copy or via email by 5pm on Friday 9 December 2022 to the details outlined in the 'How to enter' section below.

Paper nomination forms

All nomination forms can also be submitted via email or post by downloading and completing the paper versions below: 

How to enter

There are three ways you can complete your nomination form. You can:

  • Complete and submit your application form online

  • Download a printable version of the nomination form and email it to Shareena Cretney

  • Download a printable version of the nomination form, print this and hand-write your submission, and then post this to Shareena Cretney

Completed entry forms should be emailed to the Event Administrator, Shareena Cretney (Business Support Officer to the CEO and Chairman), or sent to her office via post, by 5pm on Friday 9 December 2022.  


Shareena Cretney, c/o CEO Office,
Management Suite,
Noble’s Hospital,
Isle of Man,


  • Annual CARE Awards launch: 20 October 2022 
  • Final date to accept awards: By 5pm on Friday 9 December 2022 
  • Judging: During week commencing 16 January 2023
  • Event: Thursday 9 February 2023 (evening event)

Our sponsors

Manx Care’s annual CARE Awards will be sponsored by organisations from the private sector. Sponsor profiles will be added here as they are secured. Please keep visiting this page to learn more about the companies supporting this event.


Manx Care’s annual CARE Awards event is being organised and led by the Communications Team. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Manx Care’s Communications Team at or Shareena Cretney (Event Administrator, and Business Support Officer to the CEO and Chairman)  at

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