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Equality Act 2017 – Goods and Services

The Isle of Man Equality Act 2017 seeks to provide a unified legal framework to protect individuals from discrimination in both the workplace and the provision of goods and services.

Additional information regarding equality matters can also be found on the Equality Act webpage

If you feel that you have been discriminated against in relation to the provision of goods and services, you can contact the Office of Fair Trading for free advice. We offer help and advice on equality issues arising in goods and services, public functions, associations and premises on the Isle of Man.

Ultimately you can refer your complaint to the Employment and Equality Tribunal but, if both parties agree, the OFT may conciliate in specific circumstances. Please note, however, that proceedings on a claim may not be brought after the end of the period of six months starting with the date of the act to which the claim relates. This time limit is not suspended by ongoing conciliation.

The information we will provide is not the same as legal advice. We recommend that you consult an Advocate if you want legal advice. The OFT can advise what the law is so that you can determine if you think you may have a claim under the Equality Act 2017.

A series of template letters are available to download which are designed to assist you in resolving your issue of discrimination.  Both pdf and word versions are available to download on this page. If you are not sure which letter is appropriate for your situation contact the OFT for assistance on +44 1624 687540 or send an email to 

Template Letter Guidance 

The aim of the letters is to attempt to resolve your issue informally, without you having to go to court or the Employment and Equality Tribunal, which can be a very costly and stressful for all concerned. We also understand that there are some circumstances whereby going to court or the Tribunal is the only option. Please speak to the OFT Case Officers if you think that this is the option which you are considering taking.

There are clear benefits in attempting to resolve your issue informally; one of these is that you will retain control. This means that you can influence the outcome that you are looking for, rather than being handed down a resolution which you may not necessarily agree with. 

Download the letter which is most appropriate to your situation. If you are unsure as to which letter to use please contact the OFT helpline and we can advise you on which letter you should consider using.

In order to get the best outcome from using these letters you will need to add additional information about your situation. You may find the following points will help you do this:

1. Explain what service you tried to use and what happened.

2. Give the names and job title of the people involved.

3. Include the date, time of the incident.

4. Say how the incident has affected you.

5. Explain what you have done to try and resolve the issue. Include the names and job titles of the people you have spoken with.

Direct Discrimination in relation to goods and services (word version)
Direct Discrimination in relation to premises (word version)
Indirect Discrimination in relation to goods and services (word version)
Indirect Discrimination in relation to premises (word version)
Harassment in relation to goods and services (word version)
Harassment in relation to premises (word version)
Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination that’s not work related (word version)
Victimisation in relation to goods and services (word version)

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