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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Information

Covid-19 update 5 May 2020

Some trends have emerged during the lockdown. Please see our comments below.

We have become aware of a number of gambling websites, which claim to be licensed by us, but which are not. When we become aware of these sites, we list them on our website's rogue's gallery. While the GSC does make some attempts to remove any false reference to being licenced by the GSC, unfortunately there is little of practical use that we can do to shut these sites down, because they operate outside the Isle of Man. If you gamble with these sites, you may not have the same protections that you have on genuine Isle of Man licensed sites.

We've observed a surge in DIY-gambling using social media and tele-conferencing apps such as Facebook, Zoom, Skype etc. If you use your computer in the Isle of Man to organise these without first having a licence, then you're breaking the law. There are exceptions for charities and private clubs. We're very aware that not many people understand that there is specific law to cover gambling and fewer still who know the details. However gambling, even when privately organised locally between friends carries risks that our law regulates, which is why we operate a system of licensing. We are reasonable when we become aware of these activities, but if you are offering gambling that is regular and from which you or your company benefits, then you should either cease or approach us for details of licensing.

Finally, if you are a licensee, please be aware that we have modified our policy in the following areas. If you have not been made aware of these changes, please contact us for details. The areas are:

  • Revised policy on the restriction of directorships in the sector;
  • Revised policy on the addition of live dealer studios.

The Gambling Supervision Commission is an independent statutory board established in 1962.

Cabinet Office MONEYVAL News Release 27 January 2017

In addition to the licensing and regulation of land-based gambling operations (casino, amusement and slot machines, betting offices and lotteries), the Commission also regulates all online gambling activities, which have grown significantly in recent years.

The core principles the commission upholds are

  • to keep the gambling industry crime free.
  • to protect the young and those at risk.
  • to ensure that the services offered by licence holders are fair and that players receive their true winnings.

The commission services includes: Anti-money launderingapplication forms and guidance notes, current licence holders, disaster recovery providers, memorandums of understandingSoftware Supplier Registertesting companies and player protection information.

Should you wish to contact the Commission to raise a complaint regarding an operator, then please complete our complaints_form (which must be in English).

The Treasury devotes resources to the Commission which is made up of a Chief Executive Officer (formerly Director), Deptury Chief Executive, Licensing & Compliance Director, Operational Manager, six Inspectorate Officers and two Secretaries.

The Department for Enterprise is in charge of developing the island as a progressive jurisdiction for e-gambling and they interface with other departments of Government in promoting the island’s e-commerce opportunities.