Isle of Man Data Protection Tribunal

Information about the Isle of Man Data Protection Tribunal can be found in the following pdf document. The information is intended to give an overview of not only what the Isle of Man Data Protection Tribunal is, but also the steps involved in making an appeal right through to a decision being issued.

You are encouraged to access the Isle of Man Legislation Website to satisfy yourself as to whether the legislation is still current or indeed has been updated

The pdf document contains bookmarks to aid accurate navigation through the information – using the bookmarks is the recommended way to move around the information displayed within the document. It is also possible to navigate by clicking on the headings, although this only takes the user to the page on which the information is displayed and therefore it may appear at times as though the link has not worked as the user will have to scroll down on the page displayed to view the specific piece of information they wish to see.

In producing this information, we have tried to cover questions that are frequently posed to the Secretary to the Tribunal. In view of this, any person considering making an appeal to the Isle of Man Data Protection Tribunal, or indeed any person who has made an appeal and is wondering what happens next, is strongly encouraged to read the information before contacting the Secretary.

Contact details for the Secretary to the Tribunal are provided within the document, although please note that the Secretary will only be able to offer procedural guidance; the Secretary is not able to offer advice. Any advice required should be sought from legal and/or other appropriate sources.

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