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Interception of Communications Commissioner

Interception of Communications Act 1988

The Commissioner - The role of Interception of Communications Commissioner was established by the Interception of Communications Act 1988 (as amended) (“the Act”).

The current Commissioner is Susie Alegre who was appointed by the Governor in November 2014.

The Commissioner has two primary functions under the Act:

(a) to keep under review the carrying out by the Chief Minister of the functions conferred on him by sections 2 to 5 and the adequacy of any arrangements made for the purposes of section 6; and

(b) to give to the Tribunal all such assistance as the Tribunal may require for the purpose of enabling them to carry out their functions under this Act.

After the end of each year, the Commissioner makes a report to the Governor in Council on the carrying out of her functions. A copy of the annual report is laid before Tynwald including a statement as to whether any part of the report has been excluded because the publication of it would be prejudicial to national security or to the prevention or detection of crime.

(Copies of the previous Commissioners’ annual reports can be downloaded from the downloable documents section to the right.)

The Commissioner may also make a report to the Governor in Council if she finds that there has been a contravention of the Act that hasn’t been the subject of an application to the Tribunal, or that any of the safeguarding arrangements under the Act have proved inadequate.

Contact details for the Commissioner:

Susie Alegre

Doughty Street Chambers

54 Doughty Street



Email:Send Email

The Tribunal - Further information regarding the Interception of Communications Tribunal

The Surveillance Commissioner - A separate role of Surveillance Commissioner also exists, appointed by the Department of Home Affairs.

(NB - All references to, and copies of, applicable primary legislation is correct at the time of publication. Interested persons should contact Tynwald Library (contact details are available on the Tynwald website at ) to satisfy themselves as to whether the legislation is relevant to their areas of interest, is still current or indeed has been updated.)

Disclaimer - This explanatory text is provided only for general information purposes concerning the role of Interception of Communications Commissioner and does not constitute a full definitive breakdown of the jurisdiction or operation of the role. Persons requiring further or more expansive details should consult either the aforementioned legislative sources or seek appropriate legal advice.

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