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Communications Commission

Head Office

Communications Commission

Ground Floor

Murray House

Mount Havelock


Isle of Man



+44 1624 677022


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The Communications Commission is a Statutory Board of the Isle of Man Government and has responsibility for the licensing and regulation of telecommunications and broadcasting on the Isle of Man.

The Communications Commission licenses and regulates telecommunications and broadcasting in the Isle of Man under the Telecommunications Act 1984, the Radio Masts Regulation Act 1988 and the Broadcasting Acts 1993 to 2007. The Commission is expecting new powers to establish a Space Register.


The Communications Commission exercises its functions in the manner that it considers best promotes the interests of consumers, purchasers and other users of telecommunications services in the Island. It aims to ensure that all those who run telecommunications systems comply with the terms and conditions of their licences. It works in coordination with other departments to implement the Government’s broader space and e-business strategy.

The Commission liaises closely with the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) Numbering Unit, as the Island is part of the UK Telephone Numbering Scheme.


The Commission licenses and regulates the content of programme services provided from places in the Isle of Man. All local broadcasters must comply with the Commission’s Codes of Practice on programme content, advertising and sponsorship. Programme output is monitored off air and from recordings, which all broadcasters must keep for 42 days. The Commission also considers and investigates complaints and is revising its complaints procedures.

The Commission keeps under review the reception of, and Isle of Man content included in, programme services provided by the BBC and commercial UK broadcasters. Liaison with the UK Government, the BBC, ITV and Ofcom on a range of broadcasting issues from regional news to the TV licence will continue.


The Commission works closely with the Office of Communications (Ofcom) on radio spectrum issues. Ofcom is responsible for the licensing of radio spectrum under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006, which it does in consultation with the Commission to take into account differences between UK and Isle of Man Government policies.

The Commission licenses the commercial site sharing of transmitter mast facilities on the Island for both the public and the private sectors. Through its contractor, ManSat Limited, the Commission places filings for geostationary satellite orbital slots through Ofcom to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

For more information on Members of the Communications Commission - please follow the link provided in the related links section of this page.

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