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Prosecutions Division

The Prosecution Division undertake the statutory responsibility of prosecution on behalf of His Majesty’s Attorney General in relation to all cases brought on behalf of the Isle of Man Constabulary, as well as other statutory boards and departments.

HM Attorney General has responsibility for the enforcement of the criminal law in the Isle of Man and represents the Crown in the prosecution of offences.

On behalf of HM Attorney General, the Prosecutions Division, under the guidance of the Director of Prosecutions, prosecutes all criminal offences on the Island.

Summary offences, which comprise less serious offences, are prosecuted in the Summary Courts.

More serious offences are prosecuted in the Court of General Gaol Delivery and may involve trial by a jury.

The Prosecution Division routinely reviews cases submitted by the police for prosecution and will assist in advising the police in relation to charge in the more serious and complex cases.  In doing so, prosecutors apply the prosecution code test.

The Prosecution team prepare and present cases before all criminal courts on the island to include trials, appeals and matters referred by HM Attorney General on a point of law or if a sentence is unduly lenient.  

The Prosecution Division also provide a 24 hour/365 day a year advice service to the police to advise on charge for more serious matters – prosecutors also attend court at weekends and bank holidays to assist the court in dealing with overnight remand cases. 

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