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Legislative Drafting Division

Overview of the Legislative Drafting Division

The Legislative Drafting Division is headed by the Chief Legislative Drafter, Howard Connell.

The main functions of the Legislative Drafting Division are:

  • to draft primary legislation on behalf of Government
  • to review secondary legislation

The Legal Officer (International) sits within the Legislative Drafting Division and provides advice to Government in relation to all aspects of international law affecting the Island.

The Legal Officer (Immigration) sits within the Legislative Drafting Division and provides advice to HM Attorney General and the Government on immigration related matters.

Please Note - The Attorney General’s Chambers is unable to assist members of the public with legal queries. Members of the public should contact the Isle of Man Law Society for information on obtaining legal advice.

The members of the Legislative Drafting Division are responsible for:

  • Advising on the preparation and management of the Government legislative programme
  • Drafting Government Bills (and amendments to them)
  • Drafting Bills for private members and amendments to any Bills requested by private members (on a confidential basis)
  • Advising on and reviewing secondary legislation
  • Drafting more complex items of secondary legislation
  • Settling Orders in Council in conjunction with UK Government lawyers
  • Maintaining a legislation website including all current Acts of Tynwald
  • Managing the printing of Bills and the printing and publishing of Acts of Tynwald
  • Preparing reprints of legislation
  • Providing advice in relation to the drafting of and the implementation of legislation
  • Preparing tables and indexes to legislation
  • Providing training and guidance on the preparation and interpretation of legislation to Government officers

The Programme for Government includes the Legislative Programme for the forthcoming year.

Legislation Website

The Legislative Drafting Division also publishes and maintains the Island's legislation website which includes:

  • All current Acts of Tynwald, presented with point-in-time functionality
  • All Acts of Tynwald as enacted since 2001
  • All Bills introduced since 2016
  • Legislation newsletters
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