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International Co-operation and Asset Recovery Team

The International Cooperation and Asset Recovery Team (ICART) is an integral part of the Isle of Man’s Commitment to combat money laundering, the financing of terrorism and proliferation.

HM Attorney General is the Central Authority for the Isle of Man. On his behalf, ICART deals with all requests for mutual legal assistance made by and sent to other jurisdictions in relation to criminal investigations and prosecutions and civil (non-conviction based) recovery or forfeiture. The assistance provided to foreign authorities includes obtaining evidence, restraining (freezing) assets in the Isle of Man and enforcing confiscation and forfeiture orders.

The following guide is to assist jurisdictions in preparing and sending international letters of request to the Isle of Man. Queries should be sent to

Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and Asset Recovery in the Isle of Man

ICART policy is to adopt and promote a zero tolerance culture in relation to the financing of terrorism, money laundering and all forms of financial and economic crime. It is relentless in its pursuit of its broad aim, which is to deter all such criminal activity from using the Isle of Man’s financial services and the Island’s wider community to support criminal conduct.

The ICART seeks to swiftly deprive persons suspected of criminal activity from being able to use assets and funding streams, so that such criminal activity cannot continue or further develop in the Isle of Man or elsewhere in the world.

The Asset Recovery Unit identifies, restrains and recovers criminal assets in the Isle of Man, using criminal and civil powers created by legislation.

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