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Information on the Ukraine crisis and potential implications for Isle of Man registered charities

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the ongoing conflict has shocked the world. The Charities Administration Team has received enquiries regarding charitable support for those impacted by the conflict, and charities registered on the Island.

Read more about the potential implications for Isle of Man registered charities

This page includes copies of all forms, templates, guidance, model governing instruments, frequently asked questions (FAQs), Charities Bulletins, and other documents published by the Attorney General or the Charities Administration team.

With the exception of the receipts and payments accounts template (which is available as an editable Excel workbook or in a non-editable form for printing off and completing in manuscript), the forms and templates are available as editable PDF versions, so can be completed on-screen or printed off and completed in manuscript. Irrespective of how they are completed, however, they must be submitted in original hard copy form. It is not possible to file any document electronically. Printed versions for completion of all forms and templates can be collected from the reception of the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Please note that section 53 of the Charities Registration and Regulation Act 2019  provides that the Attorney General may publish forms or templates in any medium ("approved forms") which are to be used when submitting information required to be submitted under that Act. The requirement to use the relevant approved form is provided by:

  • Section 11 (application for registration)
  • Section 23 (notification of certain events)
  • Section 31 (notification of relevant charity merger)
  • Regulation 11(2) of the Charities Regulations 2020 (preparation of Receipts and payments accounts)
  • Regulation 14 (report of independent examiner) and
  • Regulation 17(3) (preparation of annual report).

If information required to be submitted on an approved form is submitted in a different format, the Attorney General may refuse to accept it on the basis that it is an 'unacceptable document', as provided by section 56, in which case it will be returned to the person who submitted it and any requirement to file the information in question will not have been complied with. Any document on this page marked * is an approved form.

Date of publication: April 2023

Notification of changes

Winding up/dissolving a charity and removing a charity from the register


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