Index of charities registered in the Isle of Man

This page includes a link to the searchable index as well as a link to the register of charity mergers and a table of recent changes to the register of charities (i.e. those charities added or removed within the last three months).

The link below opens a searchable index of the charities currently on the register of charities:

The index includes the following information:

  • Charity number
  • Charity name
  • Summary of charity objects
  • Correspondence address – postal
  • Correspondence address – e-mail and
  • Website address (if any)

Other information held on the register is also available to the public, including:

  • The names of the charity trustees
  • The name of the responsible person (foreign charities only)
  • The charity’s governing instrument and
  • The charity’s annual accounts and (from the accounting year in which 1 April 2020 falls) annual reports

For a full list of information held on the register of charities (which includes some information which is not available to the public), please see regulations 4 and 5 of the Charities Regulations 2020.

Work is presently underway to make some public information held on the register available for downloading from this page. In the meantime, all public information will be provided by e-mail, on request. If you do not have an e-mail address, arrangements can be made by prior appointment for you to view the information on a computer in the Attorney General’s Chambers. All requests to be sent, or to view, information held on the register should be made to Charities Administration by e-mail to or by telephoning +44 1624 687318.

The link below opens the Register of Charity Mergers:

For ease of reference, charities added to, or removed from, the register in the last three months are listed in the table of recent changes below, the most recent at the top:

Recent changes to the Register of Charities

Charity numberCharity nameDate of changeChange made to registerReason (if removed)
1101 Adventist Development and Relief Agency - UK (Isle of Man) 22 September 2023 Removed Considered as no longer having a substantial and genuine connection with the Island
1353 FLOURISH322 Limited 20 September 2023 Registered N/A
1012 Graih 11 September 2023 Removed Ceased to exist
1265 The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation No. 2 11 September 2023 Removed Ceased to exist
914 Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Isle of Man 11 September 2023 Removed Ceased to exist
1352 The Green Trust 30 June 2023 Registered N/A

Date of publication: September 2023