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Charities, motivated by their altruistic missions, unfortunately, fall prey to cybercriminals due to their goodwill and relatively limited cybersecurity measures. In response, the Cyber Security Centre for the Isle of Man (CSC) is extending an invitation to all Isle of Man charities to a forthcoming event designed to bolster their cybersecurity defences. Scheduled for Quarter 1 of 2024, this event will focus on raising awareness among staff and volunteers, providing tailored advice and guidance to shield charities from potential cyber threats.

Charities interested in participating are encouraged to reach out via email to for further details.

If you have any queries concerning charities, please review the information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document.

About us

Charities play a vital role in the provision of support and relief in our communities here on the Isle of Man and further afield. A charity might be a small group set up to help a particular part of the community or be part of a large or well known charity that manage very large levels of income and budgets. His Majesty's Attorney General (HMAG) is the registrar and regulator of charities registered in the Isle of Man as provided by the Charities Registration and Regulation Act 2019.

As regulator, HMAG is responsible for ensuring that charities are properly run, which means that the charity trustees are carrying out the activities of their charity in accordance with its objects and the provisions of its governing instrument, and also that charities are complying with the legal requirements under Manx charity law.

This means that the HMAG cannot intervene in cases where, for example, the complaint concerns a difference of opinion as to the direction that a charity should be taking or a decision to make, or to refuse to make, a grant to a particular applicant, unless the approach taken by the charity trustees (whether on the occasion complained about or more generally) is contrary to the provisions of the governing instrument or is otherwise in breach of their obligation to act in the best interests of the charity at all times. HMAG and the staff in Charities Administration cannot give legal advice to members of the public.

The HMAG is supported in this role by the Charities Administration team, which is responsible for maintaining the register, processing applications and notifications, dealing with day to day queries and compliance issues and ensuring that details of registered charities, updates and guidance are available on the Guidance and forms page, together with copies of the approved forms published by HMAG.

Index of Manx registered charities

A searchable index and table of changes (where charities have been added or removed within the last three months) and a link to the charity mergers. 

Setting up a charity

Before you set up your charity, there are some important things to consider, including details of responsibilities for charity trustees, model governing instruments, registration and forms.

Running a charity

This section sets out information and guidance on the continuing requirements for running a charity.

Contact us

Charities Administration

Attorney General’s Chambers

Belgravia House

Circular Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 687318

Email:Send Email

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 4:30pm

Appointments are available on request, during the hours of 9am to 1pm. Please email with:

  • Your name and role in charity or proposed charity
  • Charity number and name (if applicable)
  • Preferred availability
  • Details of the matter you wish to discuss

Deliveries can only be accepted during the above opening hours

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