Crown Office

The Crown Office comprises Her Majesty’s Attorney General, Her Majesty’s Solicitor General and the personal assistant to the Crown Officers.

HM Attorney General

HM Attorney General is in overall charge of Chambers and is the Accounting Officer with responsibility for the supervision of the Legal Officers in respect of their professional roles. HM Attorney General is a non-voting Member of the Legislative Council and of Tynwald and is the Chair of the Board of the Financial Intelligence Unit and attends the Council of Ministers' weekly meetings as its primary legal adviser.

HM Attorney General is supported in his role by HM Solicitor General and by a senior leadership team comprising the Chief Legislative Drafter, the Director of Civil Law, the Director of Prosecutions and the Chief Operating Officer.

HM Attorney General: John Quinn QC MLC

  • Appointed Acting Attorney General 18 March 2013
  • Appointed Attorney General 17 March 2017

HM Solicitor General

HM Solicitor General deputises for HM Attorney General as necessary and in particular has oversight of legal work supporting other jurisdictions, including dealing with international letters of request and supporting the ICART.

HM Solicitor General: Walter Wannenburgh

  • Appointed 19 March 2015

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