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Bona Vacantia Estates

When a person dies intestate on the Isle of Man without any known next of kin, their estate may be administered by HM Attorney General on behalf of the Treasury. In instances where no relatives eligible to inherit the estate are traced, any residuary estate will vest bona vacantia in the Treasury on trust for the Crown.

The Civil Division deals with the administration of these estates on behalf of HM Attorney General.

Before any application is made for the grant of letters of administration, details of the deceased person will be posted here for a period of 2 months. Notices will also be placed in local newspapers. If no contact is received during that period from any person eligible to inherit the estate HM Attorney General may take steps to administer the estate without any further notice. Estates which are being administered will also be listed here.

Estates for which eligible relatives are being sought:


Estates which are currently being administered by the Attorney General:


There may be other scenarios where property will vest bona vacantia in the Treasury, for example, if held by an incorporated entity which is subsequently struck off. Any queries concerning such property should be sent to the Treasury, and not to the Attorney General's Chambers.

Please Note - The Attorney General’s Chambers is unable to assist members of the public with legal queries. Members of the public should contact the Isle of Man Law Society for information on obtaining legal advice.


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