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Advisory and Legislation Support Division

The Advisory and Legislation Support Team provides non-contentious legal advice on all areas of public law, and legislative support to all Government Departments, including some Boards and Offices.  The team also has legal oversight of some of the statutory functions of HM Attorney General and Treasury, namely:

  • As the keeper of the register of charities, under the Charities Registration and Regulation Act 2019;
  • The financial management of persons who do not have the capacity, under the Mental Health Act 1998; 
  • Legal oversight of cases administered in Chambers on behalf of Treasury in the winding up of bona vacantia estates under section 52 of the Administration of Estates Act 1990; and
  • As the central authority in relation to child abduction under the Hague Convention.

The Advisory team also undertakes International law which include Tax Information Exchange Agreements and legal advice relating to International conventions and support for HM Attorney General in respect of International matters that concern the Island.

The Legislation Support part of the Division undertakes legislation tasks including drafting of secondary legislation, assisting Departments with instructions for primary legislation, and assisting in developing regulations in the implementation of Departmental policy through legislative research and advice where required. 

Please note that HM Attorney General and officers stationed in the Attorney General’s Chambers are unable to provide advice to or represent members of the public. Any person outside of Government who requires help in sourcing an advocate to advise or represent them should contact the Isle of Man Law Society for information.

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