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Attorney General's Chambers

The Attorney General's Chambers comprises the Crown Office, the Civil Division, the Prosecutions Division and the Legislative Drafting Division.

Please Note - The Attorney General’s Chambers is unable to assist members of the public with legal queries. Members of the public should contact the Isle of Man Law Society for information on obtaining legal advice.

Crown Office

The Crown Office, supported by the Legal Officers within Chambers, provides the following services:

  • Providing legal advice to the Lieutenant Governor, the Council of Ministers, Government Departments, Statutory Boards and Offices within Government; representing those persons and bodies in Courts and Tribunals when taking legal action on their behalf and defending the same against civil actions brought against them.
  • Supporting Government Departments, Statutory Boards and Offices with procurement advice, administration and drafting of tenders and negotiation of contracts.
  • Supporting the international community by responding to international requests for assistance made to the Attorney General as the Competent Authority. In doing so we seek to provide evidence in criminal cases and deter criminals and terrorists from using the Isle of Man as a harbour for financial crime, money laundering or terrorist financing activities.
  • Protecting vulnerable children and adults through the statutory functions entrusted to the Attorney General and by ensuring an effective criminal prosecution service is provided for the community.
  • Providing oversight of the governance of registered charitable bodies.
  • Drafting legislation for Departments, Boards and Offices in line with the Council of Ministers' priorities for Legislative Drafting and drafting Private Members' Bills for Members of Tynwald.
  • Participating in the Criminal Justice Strategy programme of reforms to reduce offending and improve the efficiency of the criminal justice system and working productively with our partners across Government to align our processes to the emerging vision of a digital justice system.
  • Providing free public access to the primary legislation of the Isle of Man.

Civil Division

The Civil Division deals with the provision of legal services and support across the isle of Man Government in respect of all non-criminal matters including civil litigation, human rights advice, data protection advice, employment advice, procurement, commercial arrangements, property, childcare and family matters. It also deals with HM Attorney General’s oversight of charity matters.

Prosecutions Division

The Prosecutions Division is responsible for exercising, on behalf of HM Attorney General, his statutory responsibilities for the prosecution of crime in the Island before all of its various Courts. The Prosecutions Division also incorporates the International Co-operation and Asset Recovery Team (ICART) which deals with all mutual legal assistance requests made to HM Attorney General, and sent to, other jurisdictions in relation to criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Legislative Drafting Division

The Legislative Drafting Division deals with the drafting on behalf of Government of all primary legislation and reviewing secondary legislation. The Legislative Drafting Division also advises Government on all aspects of international law affecting the Island.

Career Opportunities within the Attorney General’s Chambers

For details of any current vacancies within the Attorney General’s Chambers please see Current Vacancies.

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