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Please Note - The Attorney General’s Chambers is unable to assist members of the public with legal queries. Members of the public should contact the Isle of Man Law Society for information on obtaining legal advice.

HM Attorney General: Walter Wannenburgh

HM Solicitor General: Elizabeth Smith

His Majesty's Attorney General and His Majesty's Solicitor General for the Isle of Man (the Crown Officers) are appointed by His Majesty the King and hold office during his Majesty's pleasure.

The Attorney General’s Chambers is the office which supports the roles of the Crown Officers.

HM Attorney General in the Isle of Man acts as legal adviser to the Lieutenant Governor, the Council of Ministers and the Departments of the Isle of Man Government.

HM Attorney General also, with the support of Chambers, which includes HM Solicitor General and Director of Prosecutions, represents the Crown in the prosecution of offences.

HM Attorney General, supported by Chambers, is responsible for drafting Bills for introduction into the Legislature.

HM Attorney General is ex officio a non-voting Member of the Legislative Council and is, therefore, a Member of Tynwald Court.

In addition, HM Attorney General has many statutory functions and duties. and is the central authority under the Hague Convention and European Convention in relation to abducted children.

The Attorney General’s Chambers is staffed by Civil Servants, many of whom are qualified lawyers. Members of staff must balance their responsibilities as Civil Servants with the professional standards of their governing bodies, but their primary role is to support the Crown Officers.

All legal advice provided by HM Attorney General and HM Solicitor General and the Legal Officers engaged by Chambers is subject to legal privilege and any requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2015 will be considered in this context.


The Attorney General′s Chambers comprises the Crown Office, along with a number of Divisions, including the Litigation Division, Commercial Division, Prosecutions Division, Legislative Drafting Division, Advisory and Secondary Legislation Division, and the International Co-operation and Asset Recovery Division.

Attorney General's Organisational Chart